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Member Services: Safe Deposit Boxes

Safe deposit boxes are available to rent at Lanco FCU’s main office in the following sizes:

3” x 5” $16.00/yr
3” x 10” $20.00/yr
5” x 5” $25.00/yr
5” x 10” $45.00/yr

All boxes are approximately 17” deep.
View Lanco FCU's Safe Deposit Box policy

Safe deposit boxes offer privacy and security, and they are fire-, water-, and theft-resistant. Consider using a safe deposit box to store items that would be difficult or impossible to replace.

What should I keep in
a safe deposit box?

Important documents:


What should I NOT keep in a safe deposit box?

Do not place items in your safe deposit box that may be needed in an emergency or in your absence. Safe deposit boxes cannot be accessed outside of business hours or by anybody who is not authorized.

(Giving somebody else your key does not mean they will be granted access—they must be a co-signer on the rental contract or, in the case of death, an executor of your estate.)

Examples of documents that should not be stored in your safe deposit box include:

You may want to make copies of these documents to keep in your safe deposit box, but choose another secure place to store the originals. Your lawyer might provide safekeeping of your will and power of attorney documents.

How safe is a safe deposit box?

Safe deposit boxes are secured in the vault. To access a box, the renter’s identity must be verified and the key must be used in combination with the credit union’s key. A private room is provided to open your box.

Safe deposit boxes are manufactured to be highly resistant to fire, flood, heat, earthquakes, explosions, or other disasters. However, there is no guarantee against loss or damage.

In the event that a disaster occurs, these preparations may make it easier to identify and recover your belongings:

Loss of safe deposit box contents from theft, fire or flood is very rare, but it can happen. You may want to insure your high-value items. Some insurance companies may charge lower premiums on valuables kept in a safe deposit box as compared to valuables kept at home.