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One login for all of your bill payments

Eliminate the need for your checkbook and stamps, and stop logging into multiple sites to make online payments—You can pay all of your bills online with Bill Payer!

Save payee information and set up an unlimited number of one-time or recurring payments to be paid automatically from your Lanco FCU checking account. You can send payments to companies, other financial institutions, or even individuals.

To get started with Bill Payer, log into your Online Banking account and click on the “Bill Payer” tab.

Easily send payments to other people

Popmoney® is an integrated feature of Lanco FCU's Bill Payer service and allows you to send and receive money to and from friends, family, or almost anyone at all!².

Popmoney is a convenient way to send payments for reasons such as paying rent to your landlord, repaying a friend for your portion of dinner, or sending a gift. All you need is the payee's name and e-mail address or mobile number to move money from your checking account to theirs

To get started with Popmoney, log into Online Banking, click "Bill Payer", and then click "Popmoney".

Conveniently transfer money to your accounts elsewhere

With the "Transfer Money" feature in Bill Payer, you can send and receive money from your checking account at another financial institution without writing checks or driving all over town!

To start using this feature, log into Online Banking, open Bill Payer, and click on the "Transfer Money" tab. Click "Add an Account" and enter the informtion for your other checking account. Follow the steps provided to verify your account ownership.

Once your transfer account is verified, you can use Bill Payer to transfer money to or from your checking account another financial institution. You can choose to set up one-time or recurring transfers. You will typically be able to schedule your transfer to occur within one business day.

Important information about this feature: A fee of $2.00 per transfer will be deducted from your Lanco FCU checking account at the time of the transfer. Weekly transfer limites apply and are determined by a soft credit check³ and your payment history.

To Transfer Money to or from your account elsewhere, log into Online Banking, click "Bill Payer", and then click "Transfer Money".

¹ A monthly inactivity fee may be applied to your account if you fail to process at least one bill within every 6 months. For the fee amount, refer to the current fee schedule. To cancel your Bill Payer service, call Lanco at (717) 569-7180 or (888) 318-4222.

² Terms and conditions apply. A small fee will be assessed per transaction based on the transaction amount and processing time selected.

³ A soft credit check is performed when you complete verification of ownership for your checking account at another financial institution. Only you will be able to see the inquiry on your credit report, and your credit score will not be affected.