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Visa Credit Cards: Credit Building Cards

Let Us Help You Build Good Credit!

If you have little to no credit, or even bad credit, you don’t have to fall victim to high-cost credit cards. Lanco FCU offers credit cards to help you build good credit without having to pay absurd fees and high interest rates. Plus, you’ll get all of the same benefits as the regular Platinum Visa!

Click here to apply for your Lanco FCU Platinum Visa online*

*Federal regulations require that members under the age of 22 apply in person and provide proof of income (or a co-signer). To apply, please visit a Lanco FCU branch.

Credit Builder Card

Lanco FCU’s Credit Builder card is a great way for students or anyone with little to no credit experience to start building good credit history. This card has a rate of 18.00% and limits up to $500.

Share Secured Credit Card

Lanco FCU's Share Secured card offers a second chance to someone who may have made a few mistakes in the past and would like to start re-building good credit. This card has a rate of 7.99%.

To qualify for this card, you must have an amount equal to the card’s credit limit (minimum of $100) to hold in a savings account until the card is paid off.